Dance Jam Productions got its start hosting social dance events in the Washington DC area over 2 decades ago. As the events grew more resources were needed to support them. Partnerships were created with other event planners to help finance equipment investments. Over the years our production resources and expertise expanded tremendously. We have supported over 1000 dance events of many kinds. We have worked in convention centers, hotels, churches, universities, mansions, museums, country clubs, banquet halls, pavilions, auditoriums, marinas, theaters, arenas, sporting complexes, bars, restaurants, private homes, rooftops and outdoors. Today we specialize in supporting indoor dance competitions, festivals and shows. 

We Provide Complete solutions
Budget → Design → Coordination → Delivery → Expertise
  • Dance Floors
  • Stage Lighting
  • Audio & Video presentation equipment
  • Live internet video broadcasting
  • LED panel, Projection and Flat Screen Video Displays
  • Pipe & Drape, Banners, Signage
  • Color keyed Rope & Stanchion, Carpet Runners, Decor
  • Power Distribution
  • Logistics, Trucking and Warehousing