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Dave Moldover’s Dance Jam Productions team presents….
Robert Royston, West Coast Swing Workshops
August 13th & 14th at Hollywood Ballroom
West Coast Swing – Learning – Connecting – Community

Robert Royston is one of the most influential people in the history of West Coast Swing. His amazingly successful competitive career spans decades. He’s been the MC for Dance Jam Productions legendary events for more than a decade. Robert travels the world coaching upcoming competitors and presenting inspiring group workshops for social dance communities like ours. His classes are dynamic; technique and flare with clear presentation and humor. Regardless of what level you are, he knows how to explain West Coast Swing concepts to your level. More about Robert 

These workshops require a solid skill set and understanding of West Coast Swing social dancing basics. Partners are not required. We switch partners frequently. Evening workshops are geared towards social dancers. Saturday intensives are for experienced dancers who want to improve their skills and knowledge among other like minded people in a supportive environment. Robert will present a mix of new drills and techniques which combine musicality and his deep understanding of how to play with the music and your partner. Most of all this is a fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome. That is the heart of the DC area West Coast Swing community. – Join us!

The Washington DC area is home to one of the largest, friendliest and most diverse West Coast Swing social dance communities. This will be our first special event since vaccines made it possible to return to social dancing. We invite dancers from near and far to join us for 2 excellent nights of social dancing and workshops with Robert Royston.


• Fully Vaccinated only (NO exceptions).
• Pre-purchased admissions only (NO walk ins).
• Masks are required for everyone’s safety.
• Use Hand sanitizer frequently, provided by the ballroom.
• Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) equipment has been installed in the HVAC system.
• Attendance records provide data for contact tracing.
• If you live with others who are not vaccinated or have other risk factors consider their safety first!

Covid Safety Mascot


FRIDAY August 13
7:30pm beginner class series (experienced dancers are encouraged to participate)
8-9pm Intermediate workshop with Robert Royston
“Making room to play” – Not sure where to put your fancy musicality? This is the class!
9pm – 2am Social Dancing DJs Margie Tuttle & James Kong
Deluxe Snack & Dessert Buffet, Non-Alcohol drinks served. Cash bar.

SATURDAY August 14
1pm – 3:15pm West Coast Swing Intensive Part 1
Drills, individual movements, and practical application for WCS
4pm – 6:15pm West Coast Swing Intensive Part 2
Understanding how we use connection and weight to our advantage.
Understanding the shared center to create a better platform for your dance. 
There will be 15 min breaks mid-way through each session and a 45 minute break between sessions.
Please bring a snack. Ice water will be available.

8-9pm Intermediate workshop with Robert Royston
“he knows more then you so get to class”
9pm – 2am Social Dancing DJs Margie Tuttle & John Collini
Deluxe Snack & Dessert Buffet, Non-Alcohol drinks served. Cash bar.

$20 Each evening session (available starting August 7)
$100 Saturday afternoon Intensive
$120 Package includes everything
No Drop Ins, No at the door sales. Vaccination & Masks required. No exceptions!
Everyone must create an account and pre-register.

Hollywood Ballroom is the perfect venue for this event with its gigantic floating hardwood floor and Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) equipment. The ballroom has decades of history of hosting social dance groups and private events. It features an impressive 7200 square foot floating maple dance floor in a decorated, air conditioned ballroom. County law prohibits outside alcohol beverages. The ballroom is non-smoking.

Many familiar restaurants are a short walk from the ballroom making it easy to plan a dinner meetup or a late night stop – TGI Fridays(2am), IHOP(24hrs). There is a Hilton Garden Inn next door if overnight accommodation is needed. 15% discount code – click here

Dave Moldover’s Dance Jam Productions team has hosted weekly West Coast Swing lessons and social dance parties in the DC area for nearly 2 decades. Friday nights have been the area’s largest for many years. 

We require vaccines because we want our dances to be safe. We also want to create the kind of space where everyone can share the joys of music and dancing, be kind to one another, and find meaningful connections with interesting humans from all walks of life. Please remember as you join us that respect for each other must extend to every age, race, ethnicity, level of dance, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, disability, physical appearance, religion or anything else. Asking people to dance is a beautiful way to be welcoming to new and returning dancers around you, but respecting one another’s boundaries- as when someone says ‘no’ to an invitation to dance – is also an important way to be a good community member. Our code of conduct helps explain all of this.